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Commissions are a fantastic way to get a piece of art you love from an artist whose style you love. You get to have input into what you purchase and are involved in the creative process. This means that you end up with a piece of artwork you are 100% happy with having in your home.

How do I run commissions?

Firstly, you get in contact via email or phone. This could be because you have seen a piece you love but it's sold, so you would like me to create your own version.

Then we discuss sizes, colours and any particular features or themes you would like to have in your piece. 

I then give you a quote for the total cost of the piece. This quote includes materials, working time, drying time and any postage or hand-delivery.

Once an overall price is agreed upon, I then ask for a small deposit (taken from the overall cost). This deposit covers the material cost and also assures me you aren't going to drop out of the commission. 

After I receive the deposit I get started on your piece. The time frame is very dependent on the size and complexity of the chosen piece. It can take me anywhere between one to three weeks to create. So keep that in mind if the artwork is for a special occasion (birthday or anniversary present). 

Throughout the creating process you can be as involved as you would like. I am able to send constant updates on the artwork or you can get a big surprise at the end when I reveal the finished piece to you (this is always more fun!). If there are any elements you do not like, changes can be made throughout. I want to make sure people are totally happy with their piece. 

When you decide you are happy with the final piece, we settle the remaining balance and I either post the artwork to you or hand deliver it depending on your location. 




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