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The Story of



"My name is Charlotte. I'm an abstract artist from Berkshire. I love to work with lots of colour and texture, combining materials and themes to create unique abstract work. 


I see the world in a slightly different way because I am autistic. This is something I only discovered in the beginning of 2021 at the age of 21. Throughout my life I have struggled with mental health difficulties and in 2020 ended up in hospital because of these struggles. Art and anything creative has always been something I've been incredibly passionate about. Its been my safety net when I am feeling down or lost. 

I never thought anyone would be interested in purchasing my work, but I guess I was wrong. My work is a translation of how I see the world and how I communicate when words can't. I want to create work that makes people feel joy and freedom. So for people to want my work in their home brings me so much light.


Since February of 2022 I have been a resident artist at The Base in Greenham, Newbury. In this space I store my artwork, display it and also create new works. Since being there I have developed my skills further and explored more themes and materials. Being able to paint in a purely creative environment is fantastic."

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